ArizonaMatchUp.com is a free service that helps home buyers and sellers find the perfect Real Estate Agent for their needs.  We know your home is extremely important to you, and buying or selling it is a major undertaking.  Our goal is to match you with an agent that exceed all of your expectations of a Realtor.

You want someone whose education, experience, skills, working style and personality are matched to you and your goals. We specialize in helping you find just the right person. There are thousands of Realtors in Arizona. Many of them are consummate professionals, but that doesn’t mean they’d be a good match for you. The best way to select a Realtor is not to simply choose one who you’ve heard about or whose advertising you’ve seen (or even who is well-known in your area).

When you’re hiring someone for a specific job, you want to consider many applicants and choose the one who’s the best fit for the job. While we know agents throughout Arizona, we will only match you with someone we know if they match your specific needs and requirements. We use an exhaustive process and set of criteria to find the perfect Realtor for your needs. We generally identify three candidates for you to meet with, so you make the final decision about who you want to use.

Our service is completely free to you because we receive a referral fee from the Realtor you select. If you don’t select one of the Realtors we recommend, we don’t get paid. So you know we’ll try to find someone who inspires your confidence.

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