Hi. I’m Preston Zuckerman. I’m lead developer at ZAPforce Websites. Creating or re-vamping your website is a big deal.  Thank you for visiting our site to learn how we can help.

In 1988, I founded Learning-Edge; and by the late 1990’s we were one of the leading companies creating web-based training programs used around the world. Our award-winning sites engaged hundreds of thousands of visitors. When I sold Learning-Edge in 2004, I took time off and took it easy for a while. In 2007, I got tired of “the easy life”. I started another company to satisfy my urge to stay involved in creative technology pursuits and to continue my involvement in helping business people. ZAPforce Websites is the result of my ongoing quest.

But what does that mean to you? When we work on your website, you get more than a designer. My business background in sales, marketing, operations, finance and management impacts how we work together and the website we create. Clients are always impressed with how quickly I understand their business and needs. They appreciate that I always communicate clearly and without jargon.

ZAPforce is a lean operation. I keep our overhead low to keep your costs low. We use powerful tools for high efficiency. We deliver quality websites that look great and get results. Plus, we realize that things continually change in business, so your website is designed to be easily maintained and updated. Many clients do their own upkeep!

We know times are tough right now, so we design your project to fit your budget.  Our goal is to deliver a website that gets the results you need. We strive to always exceed your expectations and to deliver on-time and on-budget. We help you learn as much as you want about maintaining your own website.

 Give us a call. Your first consultation is on us! We look forward to working with you.