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Hi Adam,

Thanks for the very quick reply. I think Notemaster is great!!!

I didn’t realize Apple’s API prevented you from sending a note in perfect HTML format. I’m using a free app called HTML e-Mail to create and send this email to you. As you can see, I can do what I want with the HTML, including add my photo in the middle of the email below:

And anything else I want to do including add another photo:

However, to make life easier for me, I’m actually:

  1. creating my message in a WYSIWYG editor,
  2. then  pasting the HTML code into the HTML e-Mail app.

You might be interested in contacting the developers of HTML e-Mail to see how they did it. As I mentioned, Notemaster would be even more unique (one of a kind, actually) for being able to create rich HTML that could be sent as email.